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Download the IDEAS Defined & 50 – 30 What Works Tool Kit & IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge Resources

See how inclusion, diversity, equity and access promote gender equality.

Note: This resource guided the community-building program of events and the IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge that generated ideas for impactful solutions.

IDEAS4GE Challenge & What Works Tool Kit (WWTK) Resource

3rd IDEAS4GenderEquality Community-Building Event 2023

October 18th – Montreal

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Photos courtesy of Fabiola Bouchereau – Fabiola Photography

Community-Building Event 2023


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IDEAS Event Presentations & Resources –

October 18th, 2023



Tania Saba: BMO Diversity Chair University of Montreal

Bibiana Pulido: RIQEDI & Widia Laiviere: MIKANNA

Brittany Gataveckas: Global Compact Network Canada

Guest Speakers

KPMG Canada 50 – 30 Team: What Works Tool Kit (WWTK) Presentation

Ophelia Rigault: IDEAS4GE Coordinator

IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge

Sheila Crook: Debut-Inclusive Person-Centric Hiring Solution

Full Program Agenda Presentation

50 – 30 Challenge & The What Works Tool Kit

If your organization has not already officially joined the 50 – 30 Challenge we invite you to Join the growing 50 – 30 Challenge Community now!  and  Check out the What Works Toolkit

To explore the WWTK from an IDEAS lens check out this custom resource with active links.

Who Participated - Event Diversity Stats

Review the demographic details of participants in the Oct 18th  event – CLICK HERE.


Participants at the 3rd IDEAS4 Gender Equality Event in Montreal, similar to the earlier community-building events were invited to a Post-event Meet & Greet. These sessions reviewed the Consolidated Summary Report of the IDEAS Generated at the community event and learned how to engage in active solution-building.

To learn more about what Solution-builders did with these IDEAS  – Check out the Collaborative  Solution-building Introductory page and Key Solution-Building Themes Generated to date.

2nd IDEAS4GenderEquality Innovation Challenge Event 2023

May 18th – Whitehorse


We are excited to be facilitating our 2nd IDEAS 4 Gender Equality Innovative Challenge at Equal Futures Network’s 2023 Summit.

The theme is People, Perspectives and Partnerships.  Building off the success of our inaugural summit in June 2022, Equal Futures 2023 will be held on the traditional territories of Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwäch’än Council, also known as Whitehorse, from May 17-18, 2023. The summit will gather the gender equality movement, in all its diversity, from coast to coast to coast to share expertise, strengthen capacity and shape a path towards a more equitable and inclusive Canada. Through the theme of “People, Perspectives and Partnerships”, the summit will centre the diversity of voices that make up the gender equality movement, share experiences from the North and highlight the unique challenges faced by northern and rural communities.


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English PowerPoint
French PowerPoint

May 18th PowerPoint Presentations

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PPT Presentation EFN & IDEAS Challenge May18 2023 – French


May 18th Summary Report – IDEAS4GE Generated by Event Participants


What we did with the IDEAS4GE Generated at the May 18th Event 

The ideas generated by the EFN – May 18th IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge have been integrated into Step 6 of the IDEAS4GE Inclusive Person-Centric Hiring Solution.

Way to Go!

This free comprehensive online Inclusive Hiring Solution is the result of countless volunteer hours by multi-stakeholders from diverse sectors and lived experiences who attended the 1st IDEAS4GE event. 

With sincere appreciation and much pride the  IDEAS4GE Solution-Builders, present this resource. 

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IDEAS4GE & 50 – 30 What Works Tool Kit with Active Links




1st IDEAS4GenderEquality Community-Building Event 2022

August 12th – Toronto

IDEAS Event Presentations & Resources –

August 12th, 2022


50 – 30 Challenge

If your organization has not already officially joined the 50 – 30 Challenge we invite you to Join the growing 50 – 30 Challenge Community now!  and  Check out the What Works Toolkit


From the 1st IDEAS4GE Community Building Event – August 12, 2022:

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Who Participated -Gallery & Event Diversity Stats

To see the details of participants in the August 12 event, click here

Check out the Photos in the Event Gallery 

IDEAS Generated by Stakeholder Participants

Check out the IDEAS4GE generated by multi-stakeholder participants


Participants from the 1st IDEAS4 Gender Equality Event expressing an interest in becoming Solution-Builders, held their first official Solution-Building kick-off and Meet & Greet in the fall of 2022. They engaged in the five-step IDEAS Solution-building process.  The pilot for the Person-Centric Hiring Solution was completed by fresh-eyed reviewers in the summer of 2023. The Official Launch for the online Hiring Solution was held in conjunction with the Oct 18th, 2023 Hybrid event in Montreal. 

Check out the Hiring Solution here and share it widely!