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Collaborative Solution-Building

Solution-builders (SBs) are excited to "Put IDEAS into Action" and to participate in the next level of engagement on the IDEAS4GE Multi-stakeholder Collaborative Workspace.

Putting IDEAS into Action

Solution-Builders (SBs)

Participants engaging in the IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenges generate real IDEAS to support Solution-builders committed to advancing real change through impactful solutions. We believe that multi-stakeholders from diverse lived experiences, expertise and most impacted by the solution need to be at the solution-building table.  Solutions generated through the respectful collaborative engagement of diverse perspectives are liberating, more impactful and more sustainable.

SBs Digital platform Analytics

In the collaborative solution-building workspace SBs share their areas of interest and expertise to establish solution priorities.

second IDEA Analysis

Supported by the digital analytics on the IDEAS solution-building platform SBs follow the five-step process, engage in collaborative brainstorming and develop a shared understanding from diverse perspectives to gain consensus on the solution of focus. (Graphic is an example of the analytics from the Inclusive Person-centric Hiring Strategy in the Design Stage)

IDEAS4GE Five-Step Solution-Building Framework

Solution-builders use this process to reimagine and co-create real solutions to achieve a Canada where all can contribute and thrive.

IDEAS Solution-Building Five Step Solution

IDEAS4GE Solutions

Check out the IDEAS4GE Solutions to date

Inclusive Person-Centric Hiring Strategy

Pilot coming soon!  

The IDEAS 4 Gender Equality Person-Centric Hiring Solution is an online six-step toolkit, designed for small to mid-sized Canadian businesses and organizations looking to adopt or expand their hiring practices to promote more diversity and equity within their workplace.

Your time is precious, so we have pulled together in one handy resource some of the best tried and tested tips and tools to support businesses and organizations of any size to meet current and future staffing needs. Regardless of where you are on the journey to be an inclusive employer of choice, this Inclusive Person-Centric Hiring Strategy has something to offer. 

Solution-Builders are excited to present this tangible resource to you this summer.

Systemic Policy Change

Collaboration for Equitable Child Care

Child Care Collaboration and Consultation for Equitable and Inclusive Child Care was coordinated by the IDEAS Team with the Child Care Now Canada, BPW Canada and Municipal Children Services representative to generate systemic Early Learning and Child Care related policy recommendations.

Your Collaborative Solution-building Workspace

IDEAS4GE & WWTK Resource

Want to Learn More?

IDEAS4GE & WWTK – Active Links.

You can now apply the IDEAS4GE lens to the 50 – 30 Challenge What Works Toolkit (WWTK) to explore strategies and resources that can promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Solutions in your workplace, marketplace and community. The IDEAS4GE & WWTK Resource was designed in collaboration with the IDEAS, KPMG Canada and the ISED/ISDE Teams and introduced at the event to guide impactful solution-building. This is pulled up from where the links were duplicated as shown on the image below realted to the IDEAS4GE Summary Reports.

Check out all of the resources available through the 50 – 30 Challenge What Works Toolkit at

IDEAS4GE Innovative Challenge Summary Reports

Check out the summary report and key themes multi-stakeholder Solution-builders used to set priorities, develop a shared understanding, and move on to develop concrete actions.

May 18, 2023

Report to follow

August 12, 2022



Review photos, recordings & resources from the August 12th, 2022 IDEAS4GE event.

IDEAS collaborative Solution-Building

Digital Workspace

The collaborative solution-building workspace went live on October 13th, 2022. This is a secure workspace for participants stepping up to be official IDEAS4GE solution-builders.

To learn more about how you can join the collaborative digital workspace, contact the Project Coordinator at