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Collaborative Solution-Building

Solution-builders (SBs) are excited to "Put IDEAS into Action" and to participate in the next level of engagement on the IDEAS4GE Multi-stakeholder Collaborative Workspace.

Participants engaging in an IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge generate IDEAS that Solution-builders can use within businesses, organizations, or communities across Canada. Use these IDEAS to spark new ideas or customize them to meet your unique needs and achieve real impact.

We believe that multi-stakeholders from diverse lived experiences and expertise, and those most impacted by the solution need to be at the solution-building table.  Solutions generated through respectful collaborative discussions and the intentional engagement of diverse perspectives are liberating, more impactful, and more sustainable.

Explore the IDEAS generated at Community-building events and make them your own.

IDEAS4GE Solutions

Four recurring IDEAS4GE solution themes, tools, and resources emerged from the ideas generated by participants engaged in the IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge. 
Ideas related to an Inclusive Person-centric Hiring Solution were the most frequently proposed solutions across each of the IDEAS events.  Check out the comprehensive Hiring Solution resource to support your Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access goals. Take what you need when you need it!
Sustained Systemic Policy Change is achieved through intentional policy development that is designed to support your innovative IDEAS for gender equality. This is a necessary ongoing endeavour to advance sustained progress.
We are excited to share the Innovation Challenge, Tools, and Resources, and to provide a helpful Roadmap to Celebrate and Understand Diversity Data within your organizations.  (under development)

IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge Tools and Resources

The frequent requests for the IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge process and tools and the reported effectiveness of the Innovative Challenge guiding process in creating a safe environment to engage in important discussions led solution-builders to explore this solution.

The IDEAS4GE innovation Challenge tools and resources provide businesses, organizations and DEI practitioners with an easy-to-follow and fully customizable template to help engage diverse perspectives across the organization in establishing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access priorities.  It encourages taking time to understand the issues and opportunities from different perspectives before moving on to generate meaningful solutions. Using an IDEAS lens organizations can begin to integrate inclusion, diversity, equity and access solutions into workplace policies and practices for impactful and tangible systemic change. 

Applied GBA+ Data Collection and Monitoring Strategies for SMEs & Not-for-Profit Organizations in Canada

This solution builds upon insights from a GBA+ intersectional approach to collecting, assessing and monitoring progress toward reflecting the rich diversity of your community within your organization. 

The lessons learned, tools and sample resources are graciously shared by a non-profit organization attempting to apply the 50 – 30 Challenge Publicly Available Specification Documents (I  & II) to their journey toward greater inclusion, diversity, equity and access within routine operations.  As the PAS  III Technical resources are expected to be launched while this solution is being developed it is anticipated that aspects relative to their journey will be incorporated in some fashion.

This national organization will share what is admittedly an early-days roadmap to take intentional actions to better reflect the rich diversity of Canada within their organization. They do this by engaging and supporting their local community member organizations across their national network to understand the benefit of creating a welcoming space where women in all their diversity can benefit from what the organisation has to offer. 

The IDEAS 4 Gender Equality Person-Centric Hiring Solution is a FREE online six-step resource, designed for small to mid-sized Canadian businesses and organizations of any size looking to adopt or expand their hiring practices to promote more diversity and equity within their workplace.  

Regardless of where you are on the journey to promote diversity and be an inclusive employer of choice, this step-by-step Inclusive Person-Centric Hiring Solution has something to offer. 

  • Time is precious, so we have pulled together some of the best tips and tools into this one handy resource.

The IDEAS4GE Solution-Builders from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences are proud to have collaborated in creating this comprehensive hiring solution.   


Collaboration for Equitable Child Care

The following items have emerged from the series of discussions across the project collaborative solution-building activities. 

Child Care 

Child Care Collaboration and Consultation for Equitable and Inclusive Child Care was coordinated by the IDEAS Team with the Child Care Now Canada, BPW Canada and Municipal Children Services representative to generate systemic Early Learning and Child Care related policy recommendations.