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Who We Are

The Canadian Coalition to Empower Women spearheaded by BPW Canada exists to advance gender equality and the economic empowerment of women in all their rich diversity and genders; by reimagining how an inclusive intersectional approach and collaborative partnerships can sustain strong economies, build accessible and equitable societies to improve the quality of life for all Canadians and their families in communities across Canada.

What We Do



Bring together Canada's innovative private sector (of all sizes) dedicated to engaging, developing, and promoting women and gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and community with visionary organizations and governmental leaders (at all levels) to leverage the power of community change and commitment makers and national and global initiatives such as the 50-30 challenge and global Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Generation Equality Commitments.

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Build community, regional/provincial and national partnerships across all stakeholder groups to advance gender equality and economic empowerment across Canada, one community at a time through;

  • Awareness Campaigns and Signing Moments,
  • Best Practice Sharing,
  • Recognition, Awards,
  • Promotion and Advocacy, and
  • Community Building Events and Activities



Real solutions to promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Solutions that are generated at IDEAS4GenderEquality community-building and virtual events are shared with teams of diverse multi-stakeholder Solution-Builders (SBs) committed to creating a brave collaborative digital space to advance IDEAS into Action using an innovative five-step solution-building process.

  • Review & Revise: Define Solution Scope & Purpose
  • Reimagine: GBA+ IDEA Solution Design
  • Reiterate: Solution Pilot
  • Refine: Prepare Solution for Final Launch
  • Reinforce: Ensure Solution Success through well-defined Systemic and Structural Policy and Practice


Our Goal

Grounded in fundamental Canadian values of diversity and inclusion and leveraging the universal guidance of the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and empowerwomen.org online platform, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Generation Equality Action Coalitions (GEF) and a number of emerging National initiatives such as the 50-30 challenge: We commit to; 

  • Connect and build partnerships with businesses of all sizes, government at all levels, and all other stakeholders including civil society, community service, business and labour organizations.
  • Engage & Empower stakeholder groups to explore the benefits of gender equality and challenge persisting myths and biases to promote a fresh dialogue recognizing that it will take all of us from every stakeholder group to make gender equality a reality in Canada.
  • Reimagine how innovative thinking, collaborative best practice sharing and bold action can create tangible solutions and workplace policies and practices for impactful representation, opportunity and value outcomes.

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Your Signing Moment (sign- up now)

Join the IDEAS for Gender Equality Online Community to learn about upcoming events, access the latest tools and resources, share best practices, promote your events and/or be the change by participating in a solution-building initiative of interest. Click here to show your support and benefit from being a part of the IDEAS4GE community. 

IDEAS Defined


There are a number of initiatives that can help you on your journey and that begin with the simple but powerful act of signing up to demonstrate your interest and to learn more.

50 - 30 Challenge

Find out more about how the 50 – 30 Challenge will support diversity actions already taking place in many Canadian organizations and encourage other Canadian organizations to adopt practices to improve equity.  All Canadian organizations are encouraged to sign on to the Challenge by filling in the 50 – 30 Challenge form.


Check out the real Power of a Signature and the benefits of celebrating your formal Signing Moment in this video. Join the growing number of progressive and mindful leaders from businesses of all shapes and sizes, governments at all levels and civil society organizations that have taken the all-important first step on their journey to empowerment. 

Who can Sign the WEPs

Companies (private, public, state-owned and cooperatives) of any size and industry, established under national law, industry associations and chambers of commerce committed to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community are invited to join the WEPs community.  See the WEPs Brochure released in March 2021

Sign the UN WEPs - CEO's - Businesses/Industry Associations/Chambers 

Joining the WEPs network is straightforward: Download the CEO Statement of Support (EnglishFrenchSpanishPortuguese), have it signed by your company/business association CEO, and submit it with your online application at https://www.weps.org/join.

For a fast and seamless online signing process, you can review - How to Complete the Application guidelines and instructions  (EnglishFrench). 

You may also wish to consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

Already a WEPs signatory? Be sure to create your WEPs Community Profile

We recognize that in addition to the commitment of Business Leaders, partnerships with "Other" important Partners and Stakeholders, such as civil society, international organizations, academia and governments at all levels will be required to advance gender equality and inclusion in Canada.


Generation Equality Commitment Makers are Making a Difference - Act for Local

The CCEW/BPW Canada IDEAS4GE Initiative is a recognized Gendertion Equality Commitment Maker. Our work is most closely associated with three of the six action coalitions.

  1. Economic justice and rights

  2. Technology and innovation for Gender Equality

  3. Feminist movements and leadership

Learn more about how the Generation Equality global movement is advancing gender equality through local action.


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