Participants Generated Innovative IDEAS4GE at the                         

1st  IDEAS4GenderEquality Hybrid Event - August 12th, 2022


Solution-Builders (SBs) are excited to "Put these IDEAS into Action" and to participate in the next level of engagement on the IDEAS4GE Multi-stakeholder Collaborative Workspace. 

  • SBs reviewed all of the IDEAS generated at the 1st Community Building Event. (See summary report below)

IDEAS Summary Report aug22


  • SBs shared their areas of interest, and expertise and explored solution priorities.

1st IDEA solution analysis image


  • Supported by the digital analytics on our solution-building platform SBs engaged in collaborative brainstorming and discussions to arrive at a clear consensus for the first solution with an emphasis on promoting INCLUSION.  Draft Solution-Building Concept Notes.
  • Solution title:               

A Transparent People-Centric Hiring Strategy for the Times 

  • We look forward to keeping you posted as we progress across our customized five-step solution-building framework.

IDEAS Solution-Building Five Step Solution-Building Guiding Framework

IDEAS 5 Step image website


Want to Learn More?

GP collaborative solutionbuilding wkspace

The IDEAS4GE & WWTK Resource was designed in collaboration with the IDEAS, KPMG Canada and the ISED/ISDE Teams and introduced at the event to guide impactful solution-building. 

IDEAS & What Works Toolkit (WWTK) Resource (English) Now with active links

IDEAS & What Works Toolkit (WWTK) Resource - (French)   Now with active links

You can now explore the specific topics of discussion during the IDEAS4GE Innovation Challenge captured in this resource in the 50 - 30 Challange WWTK - https://whatworkstoolkit.elementor.cloud/what-is-the-50-30-challenge/




The IDEAS collaborative solution-building digital workspace introduced at the 1st IDEAS4GE Community Building Event went live on October 13th. Participants committed to taking the ideas generated at the event to the next level are our first group of official IDEAS4GE Solution-Builders. 

Solution building wkspace


To learn more about how you can join the collaborative digital workspace, contact the Project Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.