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We are transforming the CCEW website to be your IDEAS4GenderEquality Online Community.

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This space will continue to promote events and provide relevant resources for ALL Stakeholder groups committed to advancing Gender Equality for women in all their diversity.

We are expanding our efforts, with support from the Feminist Response and Recovery Fund, through WAGE - Women and Gender Equality Canada to implement our approved project  “Strategic partnerships for a COVID-19 response to promote the full participation and economic recovery for women”.

We are excited about the new and innovative ways that we can work together to support the individual and collective efforts of multi-stakeholders dedicated to bringing about meaningful change.  How can we support your efforts, and help to share your message, expertise and resources?

The business case and moral imperative for gender equality have never been clearer. To ensure an inclusive and impactful COVID response this project recognizes the decades of social-economic research backed by the brave storytellers, service providers and allies stepping forward to create a shared understanding of the challenges, obstacles, and barriers compounded by the diverse intersecting lived realities of Canadian women highlighted across the pandemic. 

We KNOW what the issues are and we can NOW focus our collective energy on taking real ACTION! 

By providing a safe space for diverse stakeholders to Connect - Share - Listen and Learn we can collaborate in new adventurous ways to co-create innovative solutions that will improve the lives of all women, their children, and families in every community across Canada.



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 Join us as we strengthen and build NEW "Partnerships in Action" across diverse sectors and stakeholder groups.  Stakeholders from underrepresented and equity-deserving groups, to businesses of all sizes, governments at all levels, and civil society/non-profit/labour and business & professional organizations are committing to taking a refreshingly collaborative approach to relearning and co-creating impactful solutions. 

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