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Canadian Coalition to Empower Women

Canadian Coalition to Empower Women

Canadian Coalition To Empower Women (CCEW) is spearheaded by the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women.  It was formed to advance equality between women and men, girls and boys in Canada; recognizing it is essential to build strong economies, establish more stable and just societies, and improve the quality of life for all women, men and their families in communities across Canada.  

Grounded in the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and leveraging the platform for change CCEW.

  • Starts the dialogue by acknowledging that it will take all of us and all interested parties from every stakeholder group to make gender equality a reality in Canada,
  • Builds partnerships with businesses of all sizes, government at all levels, and all other stakeholders including civil society, community service, business and labour organizations,
  • Promotes Women’s Economic Empowerment Community Building events and activities
  • Invites all interested parties to become signatories to the CCEW Statement of Support
  • Introduces the UN Global Compact and UN Women CEO WEPs Statement of Support to medium and large businesses that meet the UN WEPs criteria and assist with their submission.

Check out our signatories and events here.

Women Offering Resources and Knowledge


W.O.R.K. stands for Women Offering Resources and Knowledge.  This charitable organization provides financial support for educational seminars that are sponsored through BPW clubs across Canada.  Read More...

Other Projects and Partners




KIVA Challenge

KIVA is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network or microfinance institutions, KIVA lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.


One of BPW Saskatoon's members proposed a challenge in which BPW clubs across the country would get involved with KIVA and help make the world a better place through lending. For more details on the challenge, and how to make it work, please read “KIVA report for BPW Saskatoon” submitted by Gerlinde, July 2010 and/or visit the KIVA website.


Athena Awards

BPW Saskatoon has been awarding Athena Awards since 2001 and the Athena Young Professional Leadership Award since 2010.

 BPW Canada encourages all BPW clubs to participate in this worthwhile program. Here is a quick overview of what the awards are:

 The Athena® Award celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. The Athena® Award honours individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishments...women and men who excel in their chosen field, have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and who have opened paths so that others may follow.

 The Athena Young Professional Leadership Award actively supports and celebrates the ATHENA mission of supporting, developing and honouring women leaders, inspiring women to achieve their full potential-creating balance and leadership worldwide. The Athena Young Professional Leadership Award honours emerging leaders who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, who excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and serve as a role model for young women. Recipients must be between the ages of 21 and 35 and meet specific criteria.


For further information on both awards, including criteria, please visit the Athena Foundation website.

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For any inquiries regarding any of BPW Canada's programs & projects, please contact our Programs & Projects Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Up For Debate

BPW Canada is a proud supporter/partner of the Up For Debate Campaign 2015. An alliance of over 100 women’s organizations and their allies from across Canada united in raising awareness about women’s rights in the lead up to the 2015 federal election. Up for Debate calls on all political parties to commit to a federal leaders’ debate on issues identified by women – the first in 30 years, and to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and abroad by:

  • Ending violence against women
  • Ending women’s economic inequality
  • Supporting women’s leadership and organizations

Click here to visit their website

Equal Pay Coalition of Ontario

The Equal Pay Coalition was formed in 1976 as a coalition of organizations to seek the implementation of equal pay for work of equal value both through legistlation and collective bargaining. The Coalition has over 39 constituent and partner groups which represent Ontario women and men who support equal pay for work of equal value.

Click HERE to visit their website.

Equal Voice

Equal Voice is a group of women and men who are deeply concerned about Canadian politics and have formed a multi-partisan, non-profit organization. The mission of Equal Voice is to promote the election of more women to all levels of government and ultimately, change the face of Canadian politics. Chapters exist in most provinces.

 At the BPW Canada AGM in Ottawa, July 2011, a resolutions was passed stating:


THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that BPW Canada urge the Government of Canada to enact legislation requiring political parties to ensure that women occupy at least 50% of each parties candidate list and that women be in at least 40% of the electable positions.”


BPW Canada supports the good work of Equal Voice and will explore and promote collaboration with this organization and encourage partnerships across each province.

 Collaboration may involve the following:

  • become and sustain a membership ($50) at the National level

  • encourage provincial organizations to become members

  • encourage the local BPW clubs to invite representatives of Equal Voice to one of the meetings to speak about the services offered by Equal Voice and how they can collaborate at the local level

  • give some financial support to this organization, or be a sponsor to special events (up to $500) so that our name and logos are linked with this organization

 Equal Voice is planning to provide opportunities for discussions about the issues, and also provide training on the steps involved in getting nominated and then run for office. The individual chapter are at various levels in each province.


Click here to visit the Equal Voice website.


Voice of Women for Peace (VOW)

Established in 1960, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization (NGO) comprised of a network of diverse women with consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC. For over 50 years, VOW has provided a means for women to exercise responsibility for the promotion of world peace and justice, through education of themselves and others to take an equal part in the democratic process of decision making; and to cooperate with women throughout the world to create the mutual respect and understanding necessary for the peaceful resolution of international conflict.

For information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: (416) 603-7915

Join VOW on Facebook at and/or follow us on Twitter at

Women of Influence 

A great organization that promote's women in the business world. They provide a plethora of services, as well as a magazine. They provide Marketing & Advertising for women run businesses. They do this by hosting 20 events across Canada throughout the year under different brands. They have an advancement centre to promote professional business women across Canada and many more services.

The organization offers a free subscription to all BPW members across Canada!

Click here to check out their website.